Are you looking for a license-free, professional and powerful content management system (CMS)? Get to know TYPO3! It is suitable for large and small projects, for local or international websites. And while you're at it, get to know Mediatis, your TYPO3 agency in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main. As a TYPO3 Gold Partner and TYPO3 agency for over 20 years we support you in developing your individual TYPO3 solution.

From the structure and template design to TYPO3 programming for front- and backend. If desired, we also develop and maintain the content for you, take care of search engine optimization (SEO), support and hosting.

7 good reasons for TYPO3

For more reasons than you would read through

More stable and powerful than almost any other CMS

TYPO3 is designed to create complex and sophisticated websites. It is extremely scalable, powerful and designed for high data loads. From one installation you can run multiple sites, even multilingual ones.

License fees? You can drop it!

TYPO3 is an open source program, the code is openly accessible. So you don't depend on a single manufacturer and you don't pay license fees per workstation or installation to TYPO3 itself.

Focused on security

The topic of security has been in focus from the very beginning of TYPO3 development. An own security team supervises the further development of TYPO3 and ensures fast security updates.


TYPO3 is constantly updated and improved by the active developer community of the TYPO3 Developer Network. The system has a modular structure and thus grows with the requirements.

Customized to your requirements

TYPO3 can be especially well customized to your individual needs. You can choose from a variety of extensions. And if you want, we can develop your own TYPO3 extension that is tailored to your requirements and infrastructure. With TYPO3 you don't have to adapt your requirements to the system. You make the specifications and we set up TYPO3 for you so that everything fits seamlessly.

TYPO3 provides a whole range of programming interfaces (APIs), which enable us to connect the CMS to existing software for you. This enables us to connect the TYPO3 websites of our customers with digitalization solutions of various industries. Whether it is BIM, marketing automation, customer relationship management or e-commerce systems. Even multiple languages can be easily implemented. Currently, editors can work in more than 30 languages in the Backend.


It is best to leave the setup and customization of TYPO3 to the professionals at Mediatis. But once the system is up and running, it is almost as easy to use as Word. Thanks to its intuitive interface and rich text editor, your employees can create and edit pages with any web browser, without any knowledge of HTML or image editing. Each employee is given exactly the rights they need for their task. We also offer compact training courses for beginners so that they can get the most out of the system right from the start. We are also happy to teach experienced editors, developers and administrators if desired. And if your resources are limited, we can also take over the complete content creation according to your specifications.

Google loves TYPO3

An important point of every website is the search engine optimization. TYPO3 makes it easy to create your pages so that Google finds them well - in both senses of the word. TYPO3 is very well suited for maintaining the important metadata. To support content managers, additional SEO tools can be installed and configured. Responsive design is now standard. It looks as good on smartphones and tablets as it does on large monitors. And Google loves that too.

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Therefore Mediatis as your TYPO3 agency

You want the right TYPO3 agency for your project

You can already learn enough about us and our services on the other pages. So here are just a few reasons why we believe that Mediatis is the best TYPO3 agency for your project.

We handle everything around TYPO3

With us you get everything from one source. From strategy and structure to design, programming of front- and backend, development and maintenance of the content. Additionally we offer search engine optimization (SEO), hosting and long-term support for your TYPO3 project.

We do exactly the part that is necessary

However, if you already have permanent partners in one or the other area with whom you work - no problem. We would also be happy to give our best in a smaller role in a team with other service providers.

The right team for every TYPO3 task

We work for local and international customers. The team is always exactly as large as the task requires. From brainstorming to continuous support after delivery, if you wish.

We have known TYPO3 since it was young

Mediatis is a TYPO3 Gold Partner and regularly attends TYPO3 conferences and workshops. This applies to our developers as well as to our designers and strategists.

TYPO3 projects that we have successfully implemented

We have been working with the content management system TYPO3 for over 20 years. And we are still happy when a new TYPO3 website goes live for one of our customers. No matter if it is a small, fine project directly in Frankfurt or an international site. Why don't you make yourself a picture and click once into our TYPO3 projects.

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Ready for TYPO3?

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f you've read this far, you already guessed that TYPO3 is just the right CMS for you: powerful, user-friendly, perfectly suited for SEO and DSGVO. Just take the next step and convince yourself that your hunch is right. We will gladly answer your individual questions and advise you on your specific requirements.

The best thing to do is to pick up the phone and dial 069 271388-12 to talk to ourTYPO3 expert Frank Picolin. Or you can fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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