Jugend entscheidet - The Hertie program for innovative communities

Local politics can benefit from youthful perspectives. The Hertie Foundation is convinced of this and is starting a new democracy project with Jugend entscheidet (youth decides), which we were able to accompany.


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Project description

Trust in democracy depends on everyday experience with local politics. With "Youth decides" the name is program.

Decision-makers from politics and administration at the local level and young people can learn a lot from each other. The Hertie Foundation would like to support municipalities in finding out which issues are important for young people in their communities and offers the right tools and methods for this. Sustainability is a particular concern: What is worked out with the communities should not only work once, but always how. In this way, democracy remains in motion and can be experienced by everyone.

The winners of the Youth competition will be accompanied in making a decision on a local political issue together with young people. For 2021, support will initially be given to 10 municipalities that carry out the decision-making process. In 2022 another 15 municipalities will be able to participate in Jugend entscheidet, so that a total of 25 municipalities from all over Germany will be able to implement decisions made by young people in their town or municipality. Experienced process support is available to the municipal leadership, while the participating young people are supported in the decision-making process by "Politik zum Anfassen e.V.". In this way, young people's points of view can be included and interest in local politics awakened.

The website for the innovative democracy project fits the look of the Hertie Foundation. Conceptually, it was important to clearly communicate the process from the application phase to the implementation.

The project is presented on a one-pager and the user receives all information in a structured and visually modern way.

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