Redesign of the HAHN Lamellenfenster

Facades, form, function: The reworked HAHN Lamellen website combines a clean, sophisticated design with targeted information


HAHN Lamellen

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Louvre windows by HAHN combine excellent design with equally excellent, thoughtful functionality. They lend buildings a unique face and façade – making them popular with architects and window manufacturers who appreciate premium façade design as much as security and energy efficiency. With this in mind, we have given HAHN Lamellen a unique “online face” that blends elegant, efficient functionality and information access with a sheer, sophisticated design.

The pared down, well-structured website layout facilitates immediate orientation: Users can either follow the header navigation to the entire product portfolio or head to specific focus pages for architects and window manufacturers for targeted information on design, security or technology aspects. Thanks to an integrated product check box, different windows and characteristics can be compared straight away – all it takes is a quick click or two.

Meanwhile, large, project-related pictures on every overview and product page and a separate image gallery offer welcome glimpses of actual products in use. Here, architects, clients and window specialists not only find visual inspiration, but also a broad overview of different use scenarios as well as detailed impressions of the comprehensive product range.

The cherry on top: Just like perfectly fitted louvre windows, the website’s responsive design detects and adjusts to any tablet or mobile device.

Our services at a glance

  • Design and concept
  • Layout implementation in HTML and as a TYPO3 template
  • Reference treatment for cross-linking
  • Contemporary image gallery and news overview
  • Table-view product comparison

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