Redesign of the Hertie-Stiftungs-Website
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Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung (Charitable Hertie Foundation)

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Project description

As the Hertie Foundation’s face, first point-of-call and central information platform, the foundation’s website caters to an exceptionally heterogeneous target audience: It is frequented by students and teachers as well as neuroscientists, ministries, companies, patrons and people affected by neuro-degenerative disorders. To provide all of these different stakeholders with fast, intuitive access to relevant information – in a contemporary design – we have crafted a modern look and template that presents the foundation’s work in an easy-to-navigate, inviting way – responsive and optimised for all popular devices.

To this end, we not only redesigned the website’s entire navigation, but also its actual contents: The previous, multi-level navigation was structurally optimised to point users straight to key topics and contents, while the new, magazine-style design now reflects user needs, not the foundation’s internal structure.

Large, project-related images convey an open, pleasant impression of the foundation and its work, while structured copy and links with clear calls-to-action facilitate access to different themes and areas – starting right on the homepage with a polished overview of all the foundation’s work, flanked by up-to-date information.

Our services at a glance

  • Concept for restructured contents
  • Visual concept & art buying
  • Template design
  • Implementation of templates in HTML, CSS, scripting languages
  • Realisation in TYPO3

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