Cats rule the world: Website relaunch of the cat rescue organization

The Frankfurter Katzenschutzverein (Cat Shelter and rescue organiza-tion) places cats in a new home.


Frankfurter Katzenschutzverein

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Project description

For more than 50 years the Frankfurter Katzenschutzverein with its own animal shelter has been committed to helping cats and placing stray cats in a new home. In Frankfurt, the asso-ciation is considered a respected institution and particularly worthy of support.

We are pleased that the Katzenschutzverein has been one of our long and particularly loyal customers for over 10 years. The website, which was modern in its time and still uses com-pletely different methods than those used today, has long been in need of a relaunch. At the same time as the 50th anniversary of the animal shelter for cats, the Katzenschutzverein pre-sented itself with a new, modern web design and a suitable anniversary brochure.

The new website shows the work and initiative of the association with many large pictures and informative and reader-friendly texts. Visitors to the website can gain an insight into the friendly ambience of the perfectly managed cat shelter and quickly receive all relevant infor-mation on placement, advice and fields of activity. In addition to the user-friendliness, the website has been optimized for all terminals with the relaunch.

Matching the new web design, the anniversary brochure is published, which gives a historical and current insight into 50 years of cat protection association with a shelter for cats. Natural-ly exemplary produced with environmentally friendly paper and mineral oil-free ink.

Our services at a glance

  • Design concept
  • Restructuring and preparation of the contents
  • Colour concept & image idea
  • Responsive implementation as TYPO3 page template with bootstrap grid elements
  • Concept, design and typesetting of the 60-page anniversary brochure

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