Corporate design for the event series by the excellence cluster for Normative Orders at Frankfurt’s Goethe University

Speech bubble logo for several different lecture series.


Excellence cluster for “Normative Orders” at Frankfurt’s Goethe University

Project description

Visual design of communications – that’s what the poster and programme design for the excellence cluster “Normative Orders” at Frankfurt’s Goethe University was all about. We came up with a very distinctive corporate design that draws on the arguably most universal symbol and icon for “speech”, “dialogue” and “communication”: the speech bubble.

The stylised speech bubble motif graces posters designed for the different lecture series “ring lectures”, “Frankfurt lectures”, “annual conferences”, “graduate conferences” and “Frankfurt encounter”, inviting humanities scholars to discuss different socio-political issues from their own perspectives. Each lecture series also received its own poster design, boosting recognition value. The “Frankfurt encounter” design, for example, uses two speech bubbles inside the signet to symbolise dialogue between the research association and interested members of the audience, while the annual and graduate conferences employ the speech bubble to separate copy and images or to serve as a background for the copy.

Striking colour combinations serve as welcome additional eye-catchers and highlight the topics’ strong social relevance.

Our services at a glance

  • Corporate design
  • Concept and realisation of posters and programmes

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