Understanding financial policy at last - an online schoolbook of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Digital publication and reference work for pupils to help them understand financial policy


Deutsche Bundesbank

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A modern economy cannot function without money. But what is money, how is it created and how does it come into circulation? Why is stable money so important and what role does the central bank play in this?

The Deutsche Bundesbank's schoolbook answers these and other questions and provides de-tailed and comprehensible information on cash, deposit money and the banks, the euro and the Eurosystem, the monetary and financial system and European financial policy.

The publication is not only suitable for pupils at secondary level I and II - it provides basic knowledge for anyone interested.

Mediatis has converted the print version into digital form and now provides online access for everyone to this interesting reference work on the subject of money. The design is based on the original and has been improved for digital use.

Comprehensible explaining films and infographics make it easier for visitors to access the topic. Extensive download material with teaching material and role plays offer teachers the opportunity to convey the topic to pupils in a clear and vivid way.

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