70 years of the Basic Law: website for the national campaign

Implementation of the website for the publicity campaign „Mein Deutschland. I live here for a good reason.“


Deutschlandstiftung Integration

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Project description

With the campaign on the occasion of the anniversary year of the German Basic Law, the meaning of the constitution is to remind of the cohesion of society. "All people are equal be-fore the law", "Politically persecuted persons enjoy the right of asylum", "Men and women have equal rights" - people with migration biographies comment on the articles of the Basic Law and declare their support for Germany. They are listed on the website as ambassadors for individual articles, paragraphs or sentences of the Basic Law.

Mediatis implemented the design and look of the campaign and made the campaign digitally visible. The campaign website is a micropage on which the protagonists make their contribu-tion to society with pictures, sound and in some cases videos with their story and statement on one article each. The articles of the Basic Law can be read in extracts via a slider function and are linked to the protagonists.

In addition to the interviews and articles of the Basic Law, information on the campaign idea, sponsors and campaign video are shown.

The website is an example of how to present a campaign idea in a clear, compact and visually appealing way.

Our services at a glance

  • Responsive implementation of the design template
  • Integration of audio with MouseOver
  • Various transitions
  • CSS styling

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