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You have an exciting project and are looking for a reliable partner for application development in the web, desktop or office area?

Then you have come to the right place. We support you in the digitalisation of your business processes. Here are a few reasons why we believe you are making the right choice with us.

That's why Mediatis is your .NET agency

You want the right .NET agency for your project

You can already learn enough about us and our services on the other pages. So here are just a few reasons why we believe that Mediatis is the best .NET agency for your project.

Full service at every step

We value the highest quality and a close and trusting working relationship with our customers. We support you in the development of adaptable solutions with consulting, technology and design. We support you throughout the project and ensure solutions with real added value through an agile approach.

Achieve goals faster and more agilely

We try to develop both individual and mobile solutions without risk. We have been working for years from a single source and prefer to work according to Scrum, the quintessence of agile project management. We rely on open standards and open source technology.

Quality assurance is close to our heart

In addition to an automated test coverage of the applications, an experienced QA team takes care of ensuring defined quality requirements.

6 reasons for .NET

Microsoft as a global partner

As a global player of the last 30 years, Microsoft has a lot of experience in all areas of modern software and is therefore an optimal partner for future-oriented software projects.

Cross Platform

Gone are the days when Microsoft products could only be run exclusively on Microsoft servers. With the innovations in the .NET Core area, almost any server architecture can be used to host .NET applications.

Azure as a major cloud provider

With Azure, Microsoft has built its own cloud infrastructure on which .NET applications of all kinds can be hosted. This means that all or part of the hosting overhead can be outsourced and you can concentrate on the essential aspects of your business model.

Open Source and Security

Since a reorientation towards open source in 2014, Microsoft has now taken a leading role in this area. This strategy, coupled with a focus on security, puts .NET applications in a comfortable position to use the latest features while maintaining security.

Wide range of applications for .NET technology

Whether a desktop application for local installation or a web application that runs on the intranet or internet, both are possible with .NET. A smartphone-optimised display of a web application is no problem with responsive design. Specialised office extensions can make work easier for your employees or customers. .NET also provides the tools and Mediatis the expertise for this.

Close connection to other Microsoft services

Dealing with common office tools from Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Sharepoint) is a matter of course for companies today. The proximity of the .NET framework to the applications mentioned is of considerable advantage when it comes to adapting these standard applications to one's own business processes through extensions or integrations.

We develop for you

We rely on modern agile development methods and work consistently with

  • automated tests
  • quality assurance and internal testing
  • modern CI/CD
  • detailed dev tracking with JIRA

Web applications

Web applications with different frontend technologies:

  • React Frontend
  • Angular Frontend
  • ASP.NET MVC/WebForms


To support your business processes in Office, we develop:

  • Office Add-Ins
  • Sharepoint Applications


Desktop applications on various .NET technologies:

  • Windows Forms
  • WPF

Projects we have successfully implemented

Happy customers are the best proof of successful cooperation. Thanks to many years of experience with customers from a wide range of industries, we can quickly and reliably think ourselves into new projects. We draw on a wealth of experience to bring your project forward in terms of design and technology.

Browse through our projects we have successfully implemented for one of the Big Four accounting organizations.

Application for user-friendly creation and execution of surveys or reports

  • Configuration of questionnaires with all common field types in complex structures (incl. tables) directly by administrators.
  • Data from previous surveys can be displayed and updated.
  • All elements can be hidden conditionally.
  • Possibility to enter different help texts depending on the answers of the respondents.
  • Implementation of complex workflows with multi-layered approval processes and a large number of self-definable roles with different access rights.
  • Data visualisation in a dashboard with multiple charts.
  • Export interfaces for Excel and Power BI

Application for the creation of contracts and reports

  • Creation and management of documents such as contracts based on reusable modules and templates.
  • Uncomplicated creation of highly structured and regulated documents without special prior knowledge through interviews and simple user guidance.
  • Functions to support comprehensive document creation, workflow and collaboration between teams, including multi-layered approval processes.
  • Output in Microsoft Word and PDF
  • Integration of external users through the possibility of editing the documents in Word.
  • Management of the modules and templates directly by administrators.
  • Extensive analysis options through comprehensive statistics and configurable XML/Excel reports.

Application for the maintenance and publication of complex manuals and guidelines

  • The manuals are edited and published online as an interactively searchable website.
  • Complex composition of different contents in order to be able to provide target group-specific guidelines.
  • Content can be inherited and adapted from more general manuals, whereby the changes go through an approval process.
  • Editors are informed about the changes relevant to them in a dashboard.
  • Monthly generation of PDF manuals
  • Extensive analysis options

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